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We all experience challenging times and endure difficult life transitions. During these times, problems may arise that cause stress and pain, taking a toll on our emotional well-being.  In turn, this can also have an impact on our relationships.

CAPITAL counseling aims to help clients achieve their personal goals and experience greater life satisfaction. Counseling can be a resource to help you navigate life's challenges by taking an objective look at your behaviors, thoughts and feelings.


We believe humans innately have a propensity toward self-realization. As such, our job is to help identify and then remove obstacles blocking ones path. The counseling process involves helping you to develop the tools and coping skills that you will need to find solutions when a problem, transition, or life change occurs.

Coaching is a supportive, practical, concrete process in which the coach and client work together to identify and pursue the client's goals. Coaching is a dynamic partnership that is goal-driven, structured, and focused.

Coaching is a
collaborative process to enhance ones personal effectiveness. Individuals who engage in coaching can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal and academic/career challenges, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, improved interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out life roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of coaching include 
greater life satisfaction, renewed curiosity for learning, enhanced organization and time management, increased   self-awareness, greater accountability, improved motivation and



We offer individual and small group clinical supervision for licensed-eligible clinicians in North Carolina. Supervision structure and arrangements meet all requirements of the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors and/or the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Supervision of licensed-eligible clinicians incorporates support, consultation, education, and accountability with a focus on treatment outcomes and evidence-based practice.


CAPITAL counseling is happy to provide presentations, outreach,

and workshops to Capital Area schools, community organizations,

and businesses on a variety of wellness-related topics

including but not limited to: general mental health awareness,

stress management and coping skills, self-awareness,

assertiveness, and body image awareness.

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