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Our highly qualified team specializes in working with teen girls, college students & young adults, as well as women who find themselves stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and/or undergoing various life transitions.  However, we are adept at working with a wide array of clients and clinical issues.

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teen girls


We provide counseling for teen girls targeted towards managing stress and anxiety, regulating emotions, increasing self-confidence, and improving relationships. Teen girls today live in a complex, media-driven world. Our work centers on helping teens learn how to recognize their strengths and values in efforts to bolster their identity and become more independent. We offer a safe space for teen girls to express themselves freely and explore strategies to better manage their emotions. Therapy is geared towards finding solutions for anxiety and depression, addressing self-worth, body image, difficulty in relationships, and family dynamics.

college students 


Being a college student means learning how to adjust, sometimes in surprising and challenging ways. Being away from home for the first time, individuating from your family, meeting new people, living in close quarters with others, keeping up with academic demands, and learning how to balance it all are just a few of the obstacles that college students may face. These changes along with increased responsibilities can contribute to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. Additionally, serious mental health issues have a tendency to surface during the late teens and early twenties, which can complicate the college experience even more. Therapy is geared towards improving coping, navigating greater independence, battling perfectionism, improving relationships and

focusing on health and wellness.

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young adults


The transition to adulthood can be difficult on many fronts- the pressure to have it all figured out, taking on more adult roles, navigating adult relationships and achieving greater independence. Young adults often experience a plethora of changes that occur rapidly that can result in feeling overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. Just like during the college years, it is also common for mental health issues to surface during this phase of life. Therapy is geared towards resolving anxiety and achieving balance as well as satisfaction and

joy in your life.

women in transition

During times of transition, women can experience biological, environmental, and psychological changes that can have a major impact on their mental health and well-being. In fact, women may be more susceptible to experiencing anxiety and depression than their male counterparts.  While the female experience may vary greatly, we often work with those who identify with an ever-growing “mental load.” This, along with other stressors, may lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression—all of which can have a negative impact on work/life balance, health and wellness, and families and relationships. We work with women who struggle with mood disorders, body image issues, identity issues, motherhood, perfectionism, relationship and career issues.

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