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We understand that therapy is a financial commitment.
Therapy is also an investment in your future leading to growth and healing that can change your life. Many of our clients benefit from a highly  individualized & results oriented approach. By staying focused on our client’s unique goals, we strive to partner with our clients so they see results as quickly as possible. 


We do not participate with insurance panels and are considered

out-of-network providers.

Insurance companies often dictate clinical decisions including frequency of sessions and length of treatment. They also require a mental health diagnosis in order for claims to be accepted and reimbursed. We have decided to focus on providing the best care to all of our clients without being controlled by insurance companies. Our decision not to participate in insurance networks allows us more flexibility and affords our clients more privacy.


Girls in Nature

We offer online therapy through a secure platform.
This offers our clients extra flexibility or support between sessions. Since we are not required to provide a mental health diagnosis, we are able to keep our client’s records completely confidential. 


As a courtesy, we provide “superbills” to all clients so that they may file their own out-of-network claims with their insurance company. A superbill is an itemized invoice containing basic information requested by insurance companies before they will reimburse for services. Our clients pay us directly at the time of service, then file their out-of-network claim directly to their insurance company. Then, the insurance company will reimburse the client directly according to the plan benefits.

out of pocket investment 




Intake Assessment (60 minute): $170
45 minute session: $145
60 minute session: $170
90 minute session: $255

couples and families


Intake Assessment (60 minute): $180
60 minute session: $180
90 minute session: $270

*For more details about our rates please reach out*

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